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Christmas Is Six Months Away

Here we are, late January and another Christmas behind us and the next Christmas a year away. For me, just the thought of that is too much to process. Christmas is too far in the future. I know lots of people in the same situation, longing for Christmastime. A popular coping technique is the Christmas Countdown, how many days until Christmas, and well 334 as of publishing this blog. I was once an avid Christmas Countdowner. People at work would randomly ask me, “How many days until Christmas?” and I would be able to tell them without checking. I spend the time crossing off days and not enjoying the journey to Christmas.

I still countdown down; however, I countdown to Leon Day. It is the 25th of June, halfway to Christmas, and it received its name from spelling “noel” backward. The biggest claim to fame for Leon Day is that the day crafters start preparing and making their goods to be ready for sale during the holidays. Such stores like Hobby Lobby will have Christmas items in stock and for sale by Leon Day. It is the first sign of the year that Christmas is coming. Leon Day is also the first in a chain of milestones that make the six-month Christmas journey enjoyable.

Instead of just crossing out the numbers off the page, here is the checklist of happenings I use to countdown:

Leon Day. Specific stores have Christmas decor and crafting supplies available for purchase even if I don’t buy anything, its great to take time to walk through the store and see Christmas.

The second weekend in July. Usually, around the July weekend in July is when Hallmark releases the new Keepsake Ornaments. It is always fun to see the new ornaments.

Early August with stores stocking school supplies. What do school supplies have to do with Christmas? Nothing really, it’s just an indication that the dog days of summer are about over, and the ‘Ber Months are close.

Late August, pumpkin spice season starts with Starbucks making pumpkin spice lattes available again.

September 1st, we have entered the ‘Ber Months.

Halloween, or as I refer to it, the last speed bump on the way to Christmas.

For me, Christmastime starts on November 1st, and if you prefer, you can add Thanksgiving and Black Friday to your list. However, I cannot wait that long to go all-in for Christmas.

The journey to and anticipation of Christmas are just as, if not more, enjoyable as the day itself. If you find having a countdown with 300 or more days on it too daunting or depressing. Do what I do, a countdown to Leon Day, then Christmas is never more than six months away.

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