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Christmas With Purpose, Step 5

Christmas with Purpose

Step 5: Don't Wait Until Last Minute

We've been in the place where time is plenty, and then all of a sudden, all that time is gone. "I have a week to study," "that report is due in ten days," "I can wait and still have plenty of time." It may feel like we are doing ourselves a favor by putting off what needs to be done and take time for something seemingly more fun, but in reality, we are doing a disservice to our well being and creating more headaches. Here are a few reasons why not waiting until the last minute is ultimately more beneficial:

  1. Reduce Stress – Having the holidays looming over you causes stress. If you have ever sat worrying about something you haven't completed, you know precisely what this is about. You are creating your stress by putting things off until to very last minute.

  1. Deal with the Unexpected – Life has a way of throwing the unexpected at you. If you wait, then you won't have time to react when life throws a curveball.

  1. It Feels Good to be Ahead – When you are ahead of your holiday schedule and getting this done, you can enjoy your time more.

  1. Allows You To Help Others – When you finish early, you can help others in need of assistance, such as an elderly family member, friend, or neighbor. Your help will only brighten their holiday.

Stay motivated to work through your list and keep crossing off items. It is tempting to wait, but as Christmas draws closer, the more you have completed now will have created more time for you to enjoy Christmas as it unfolds. Don't add the pressure of waiting until the last minute to your holiday season.

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