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Christmas with Purpose, Step 6

Christmas with Purpose

Step 6: Ask For & Receive Help

Over the past few weeks, the focus was on things we shouldn’t do to have a more purposeful Christmas. Don’t over schedule, limit social media, and avoid procrastination; this week is something we all should do, even though it is difficult. Not only ask for help but also be willing to accept help. Most don’t like or want to admit they need help. The holidays are busy and stressful enough without taking on all the tasks ourselves. Asking for help from your spouse, kids, friends, and family is a way to lighten that load. There is truth in the old saying, “many hands make light work.” Here are some ways asking for help will affect you and your Christmas season:

1) Building Relationships. We are social beings. We love feeling connected. Working together strengthens our relatedness with others.

2) Relieve Stress. Sharing the load provides a sense of relief, and an increase in energy, stress levels decrease.

3) Opportunity to Learn. You are unique, just like the person you choose to accept help from. This person will bring their own experience, knowledge, skills, and resources. They may teach you something new or offer an idea you’d not thought of.

4) Gratefulness. Think of the last time you asked for help, and it came. Did you feel grateful? Research shows that people who regularly practice gratitude enjoy reducing emotions such as envy, resentment, frustration, and regret. They also experience more happiness and less anxiety and have high esteem.

It’s not all on your shoulders to provide a perfect holiday. Christmas is about family and friends, so family and friends can help and want to help in most cases. Some of the best memories made are between loved ones preparing for the holidays together.

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