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Christmas with Purpose , Step 7

Christmas with Purpose

Step 7: Enjoy the Moment

We are all now in the process of preparing for the holidays. Hopefully, this series has encouraged you to be more intentional and avoid the pitfalls of procrastination. Let this final step of “Christmas with Purpose” be a reminder that we need to enjoy the moment no matter how carefully we plan. Those little special moments with the kids, friends, and family are spontaneous, and we never know when they’ll happen, so when they do, we need to stop, be mindful and enjoy them. It could be a quiet moment where you stop and catch your breath and enjoy the glow of the Christmas lights. Let us not allow those moments to pass because we are too busy. Following the steps laid out previously, there will be plenty of time to pause and soak up the value that is all too fleeting. Here are some things we gain by ensuring we treasure the moments the holidays provide.

1) Acceptance. Your family and friends love you and want you to be a part of their memories. These moments are the times that build a family, a friendship, a bond that binds; they are foundational to the feeling of acceptance. Not only your sense of acceptance is bolstered, but those around are as well. Taking the time to put down your next to-do and get that time to someone else gives them the acceptance and love they need. Enjoy the joy Christmas brings.

2) Stillness. Sometimes the perfect moment to stop, rest, and reflect presents itself, and we need to capture it. A quiet evening sitting next to the tree, or a song is playing during baking; we need to stop and let the moment wash over us and reflect. A time of reflection, meditation, or prayer brings a stillness to our minds. People tend to be busier in their headspace than they are physical. A time of stillness calms and allows our minds to rest and focus on the present. Enjoy the peace Christmas brings.

3) Thankfulness. When the holidays draw to a close, we will be most thankful for the memories made. Time well spent with loved ones is irreplaceable, and we treasure those moments. Being present in the moment and making those memories fill our hearts with gratitude. Thankfulness makes us kinder, more giving, and more hopeful for the future. Enjoy the fullness of heart Christmas brings.

In all we do this holiday season; the most important is being available to be in the moment with those that mean the most. Hopefully, “Christmas with Purpose” has provided a guideline to make Christmas less chaotic and more intentional. If you have missed any previous steps, please head to the “blog” page at Remember, keep Christmas hope alive every day.

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