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Christmas With Purpose, Step 4

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Christmas with Purpose

Step 4: Don’t Spend All Your Time On Social Media

This week we continue with our theme of the “don'ts” that will make your holiday season more enjoyable. Don’t spend all your time on social media. It may seem hypocritical coming from a “social media series”; however, it’s a call to be mindful of your time on social media, not a complete shutdown. How many times have you grabbed your phone to look at one thing, and before you know it, 15 or 20 minutes have passed? Doing this just a handful of times a day could eat up more than an hour of our precious time we have around the holidays. Plus, the content of the newsfeed could negatively change our moods and outlooks. Here are a couple of things to be mindful of concerning social media:

  1. Online vs. Reality. Twenty years ago, this would have been called “keeping up with the Jones’s.” These perfect pictures in the ideal family’s newsfeeds having the perfect holiday is a filtered image of less than one second of time. Our minds take that split second of time and fill in the blanks with perfection that does not exist, leaving us feeling our holiday and family doesn't measure up.

  1. Fear of Missing Out or "FOMO" has become common and often leads to constant social media checking. The idea that we might miss out on something leaves us less present where we are and ultimately miss out on those who are with us in the room.

We want to use social media; to connect with those we cannot be with this Christmas. Usually, the family would travel and spend the holidays together. This year that may not be possible and the tool of social media can ease the disappointment of not seeing those loved ones. Social media is just that, a tool to be used, and keeping that perspective and limiting screen time will lead to:

  • Greater Self-Awareness

  • An Increase in Time and Productivity

  • Better Ability to Focus

  • Improved Self-Esteem and Sense of Perspective

As with many things in life, if a little is good, more isn’t always better. Social media is no exception. Please be aware of your screen time, set boundaries, use an app if necessary to set those limits. Most of us may be shocked into limiting our time on social media just by looking at the screen time usage on our phones.

Thanks for joining us here at Christmas Clatter Podcast for our “Christmas with Purpose” social media series. Like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram to be sure you don’t miss any of “Christmas with Purpose.”

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