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Christmas With Purpose, Step 2

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

Step two in “Christmas with Purpose” isn’t all that different from Step One: Making A List. In Step One, we began writing down our plans, goals, and to-dos for Christmas. List-making, getting all those thoughts out of our head and organized on paper, where we can see progress as items are scratched off one-by-one. In a sense, we decluttered our mind, reducing stress, and increasing self-esteem.

It’s time to move the physical clutter that could dampen our holidays. Look around your house; there may be a room or closet that you prefer to keep the door shut because the mess is overwhelming. It could be a desk, a car, or that infamous junk drawer in the kitchen. Here are some ways that organizing or removing that clutter could help you, “Christmas with Purpose”:

  1. There will be less stress and scrambling to prepare for guests during the holidays. A last-minute phone call saying Grandma is visiting changes from panic and frantic to joyful thoughts of enjoying her company in an inviting environment.

  1. You will know what you have and what you need. When out shopping, you can enjoy the confidence you are not purchasing duplicates; repeat buying adds to the clutter.

  1. Declutter all the no longer used toys, damaged books, games, and puzzles, making a place for new ones that Christmas may bring. Taking care of this clutter will help you begin next year feeling in control of your home. Don’t be left with the overwhelming realization on January 1 that you now have to handle not only last year’s clutter but the new stuff as well.

If there is one thing that 2020 has given us, it is time at home; this step may be already complete. Decluttering is a must for your list! If you have any clutter that needs to be organized or removed, take the time to do it. Waiting after Halloween to accomplish this could be challenging as schedules get busier. Managing what we have and releasing what we don’t frees space in our mind to enjoy our Christmas at home.

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