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Review: Luke McMaster "Christmas Present"

What happens when two things you cherish collide into one? Luke McMaster”s newest Christmas album, “Christmas Present,” that what is happens. Look through Luke’s discography, and you’ll see the esteem he holds for Motown and soul music. You’ll also notice that “Christmas Present” is his fourth Christmas album, a feat pulled off by only those who genuinely love Christmas. “Christmas Present” is a soulful dive into Christmas. The first track of the album is an original track in which the album is titled. It a reminder of enjoying and celebrating Christmas as it is, no matter how great or disappointing your year may have been, a call to live in the present. Following are some heavy-weight Christmas songs that took a lot of gusto to tackle; however, McMaster pulls them off with style while paying homage to the icons that recorded these songs decades ago. Standouts for me are “This Christmas,” “Let It Snow,” and “Wonderful Christmastime.” Having live musicians cut the tracks for this recording was ambitious in this pandemic year, yet the drums’ live feel, the horns, and solo instruments add to this album’s charm.

“Christmas Present” gives us the warmth and timelessness that we love about great Christmas albums. McMaster’s vocals are soulful and the perfect modern sound for these Motown reimaginings. I highly recommend adding “Christmas Present” to your playlist. Luke McMaster has given new life to these Christmas standards and given us an original song that should be a modern Christmas classic.

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