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Thankfulness and Gratitude

Thankfulness and Gratitude

It was a simple, quiet morning, the Sunday before Thanksgiving; in fact, I was stringing Christmas lights around the railing of our deck. Letting my mind wander and thinking ahead to Thanksgiving, the thought hit me, What’s the difference between ‘thankfulness’ and ‘gratitude’?”

“I am so thankful,” “he’s is thankful,” are you thankful,” thankful is commonly used in describing someone’s feelings of demeanor. We can feel thankfulness rise within ourselves and overcome with its sense of joy or relief. Having a thankful spirit can center us and help make us a more optimistic person.

Gratitude is defined as an expression of appreciation. We can be thankful, and no one would ever know; acting on our thankfulness is gratitude. Thankfulness is a feeling that can swell in our hearts, and the expression of thankfulness is gratitude. Giving a card, saying kind words, or giving a small gift in appreciation are all wonderful acts of gratitude. These expressions act as a conduit to spread our thankfulness to those around us.

According to Psychology Today, better relationships, increased empathy, reduced aggression, better sleep, and improved self-esteem are scientifically proven benefits of a thankful life filled with gratitude.

So, on this Thanksgiving, let us be thankful and show our thankfulness in kind acts of gratitude.

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